Why Listen to Me?


Thanks for stopping by the site and having a look at this video. My name is Gerald Hutchman, my friends just call me Hutch.

The question posed above is, when it comes to establishing a church ministry online, why would anyone listen to what I have to say about it?

Well, I have a real heart for small church ministry.

You see, I spent 17 years as a bi-vocational pastor in a very small church. So, when you start thinking about taking your ministry online, I know the struggles you face.

Things like:

    • A lack of Technical Skills or know how when it comes to navigating the vast resources that make up the World Wide Web.
    • Lack of Design skills when it comes to laying out website pages and user interface best practices.
    • Budget Constraints
    • And a shortage of volunteers that faces nearly every small church I ever heard of!


In fact, I started One Source Web in an effort to overcome some of those very same obstacles in the small church I served. 

My experiences as a small church pastor, coupled with over 25 years developing websites for small business, non-profit organizations and small churches, make me uniquely qualified to come alongside you, and help you develop an online ministry that is sustainable, cost effective, and above all gives your small church the tools you need to encourage people to know God, and make Him known.

You know, we live in a remarkable time where technology has made it possible for even the smallest church to take her ministry online and share it with the whole world! I believe the church should be using every tool at her disposal to help people get to know God and make Him known. I want to help your church do just that.

I hope you’ll take a minute to explore this website further and find out how I might help. Thanks for watching, and I hope this finds you well, in His service.

“Donna and I have been blessed in both our personal lives AND our business so we want to give back.  We have created some services and resources reserved just for small church ministries that will make developing and/or maintaining an online presence for your ministry easy and suitable for the limitations of a typical small church ministry.”